Our Mission

We have over 25 years of experience in lighting design, providing solutions for:

        • hospitality
        • retail
        • gaming
        • commercial
        • residential projects 

By combining design sensibility and a quality end-user experience with cutting edge technology and customized products, our design solutions are not only effective, but also save energy and create sustainable solutions.

At LightRaze we integrate cutting edge technology into practical solutions on daily basis. Our strategic partnerships with manufacturers around the globe, enable us to design and deliver custom products. We can take ownership of the lighting system design and installation, end-to-end. 

We have the methodology to:

        • understand  lighting needs and architectural vision
        • design a solution
        • customize and procure the lighting products
        • complete the integration on site
        • provide training, if required

We are able to deliver projects on time and within budget, guaranteeing our clients peace of mind through clear accountability and assurance on quality/source of products.

The LightRaze team has a proven track record for identifying the right technology alternatives and sourcing products that exceed lighting objectives while saving energy. We work for our customers in capturing LEED credits, and negotiating with energy companies to secure rebates.

We understand the art of architectural design. LightRaze lighting design solutions reveal design sensibility while providing a great end-user experience. We help architects and building owners achieve branding and end-user experience goals. Creating high-end aesthetics with energy-efficient, sustainable solutions has been the key to our success in a wide range of projects.

LightRaze Lighting Design

Mark Raissen

Prezident, LightRaze

1982 - Mark graduated from the School of Electrical Engineering in South Africa with a major in Lighting Engineering.

He founded a start-up lighting design consultancy “Light Years Ahead” and partnered with a UK company. Within five years they listed on the Stock Exchange growing to R300 million and 250 employees. Mark and his teams implemented lighting projects for Caesars, London Clubs, Hilton Hotels, Merrill Lynch, Reuters, McKinsey, Bain Capital, and Microsoft.

2002 - Mark was Awarded US Immigration O Visa and appointed as a consultant to the EPA. Mark was featured in national TV shows and presented seminars on the new Title 24 lighting energy codes of practice. Mark implemented sales and design training programs across the country and educated Architects, Engineers and Contractors in the new Title 24 Energy Codes.

2005 - Mark founded Lighting Imagination. The company was commissioned by Starbucks Coffee Corporation to design and specify energy-effective LED lighting for 13,000 stores and train their partners globally to activate this program.

While at Lighting Imagination, Optiled/CREE appointed Mark as their Senior Vice President of Product Development attending quarterly meetings in Hong Kong and tasked with defining the strategy and roadmap for LED product development. He then trained their international teams and presented seminars to customers, CREE’s shareholders and LED product engineers in USA, Hong Kong, and China.

2008 - Mark’s company was acquired by 3form, a division of the €3 billion “Hunter Douglas” group of companies. As President of 3form Light Design, Mark was responsible for creating the lighting division for the company. Mark was responsible for the design of all LED lighting technology and techniques.

2012 - Mark reactivated Lighting Imagination/ LightRaze. 

2013 - LightRaze formed a strategic alliance with First Circle Light Design.